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Friday, 21 April 2017

[Gaposa Edcation]: Agric Science Answer 2017 Wace

1 a )
i ) Nitrogen
ii )Phosphorus
iii) Potassium
1 aii )
i )Ring method
ii ) side placing
iii) Broad casting
1 bi )
i ) Control pond algae
ii ) It is used to Enrich compost
iii) It is used to Block and control garden pests .
1 bii )
i ) For neutralizing and reduce soil acidity
ii ) It helps in freeing up soil minerals , and making them available
for absorption into the plant
iii) It is used for reducing water acidity
1 c )
i )it increase organic content of the soil
ii ) it increase soil structure
iii) it increase soil perforation
2 ai)
spe I
i )it is used for carring farm produce
ii )it is used for carring farm input eg fertilizer
spe J
i )it is used to sharpern edges of cutlass
ii )it is used to straghten rough edge of farm tools
2 aii )
i )store in dry and clean environment or place
ii )wash and clean it after used
4 ai)
3 breeds of farm animal which produce T are
- Brown leghorn
- White leghorn
- Rhoda island red
4 aii )
- It is a source of protein to feed of livestocks
- It is a source of protein to man
- It is a source of income to breeders when sold
- It is a source of calcium to poultry
4 bi )
- It can be harvested by using fishing net
- It can also be harvested by using hook and line
4 bii )
- Oil
- Bone
- Scale
4 biii )
- Sundrying
- Smoking
- Salting
- Canning
3 ai)
- Stunted growth
- Galls on leaves
- It causes diseases to crops
- It decreases the farm yield
3 aii )
- Spray with insecticides
- Uproot and burn infected plants
3 bi )
3 bii )
- Pod borers
- Bean beatetle
- Leaf hoppers
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