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Saturday, 29 April 2017

[Gaposa Gossip]: My body become responsive whenever Pastor Josh Laryea kisses and touch me – Awo Zuta(Gospel Musician Eugene Zuta’s wife)

Pastor Josh Laryea “was” a pastor and a gospel musician. “Was” in quotation because he was recently suspended by the International Central Gospel Church after being accused of engaging in what the church see as an immoral conduct.

Josh Laryea, who was the preacher at the church’s Doxa Temple, has been jerked from his pastoral activities until investigations are completed.

The church’s reason for the suspension was just a mention of an immoral conduct and left us with no further details.This gave reasons for a lot of speculations.

The first to came out to give a hint is the “loud-mouth” Afia Schwarzenegger.She mentioned and brought Mzbel into Josh Laryea’s suspension affair.


And according to the Angel Tv presenter, Pastor Laryea molested Mzbel in the past. Afia explaining what happened in one of his TV shows said, Mzbel, who was then a member of Josh Laryea’s church, took her sick son to the Pastor to pray for him.During the prayers, Rev. Josh started fondling her bo0bs and touching her other sensitive parts as well.

Mzbel flamed the accusations and speculations with this post on her facebook page.

Eugene Zuta and Edem Asamany, u guys owe me an apology! As for Mrs Awo Zuta aka Tse Ataa's favourite pet, the least said…

Mzbel’s post on her facebook did not give any details, neither did it opposed Afia’s version. Was that then a confirmation of what Afia said to have happened? Mzbel, herself had to come out to really explain from the genesis to revelation of all that happened.

The singer, who was on Peace FM last Thursday afternoonto promote her May Day free healthcare made it known that she did not have any affair with Pastor Josh Laryea as people are speculating.

She continued that International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) kicked her out of the church because of a conversation she had with Awo Zutah, wife of gospel musician Eugene Zutah.

Mzbel told the host Kwasi Aboagye on the show that;
“Awo Zutah told me something about how she feels about Pastor Josh Laryea and what she said was not pleasing to the ear. She is a married woman. I didn’t like it so I reported it to her husband. The next minute they ganged up against me and kicked me out of the church.”

Even after this explanation, things were still not really clear.What at all did Awo say to you that could make them gang up against you? I couldn’t fathomed.

However, via phone conversation with the editor of Ghanacelebrities, Chris-Vincent, that Mzbel made a lot more in-depth revelations. And according to the “legele hitmaker”. Awo Zuta (Wife of the Gospel musician Eugene Zuta) told her in confidence how responsive her body becomes when Josh Laryea kisses and touch her, giving her a vivid impression that she was having an affair with her husband (Eugene) with the married pastor.(Josh Laryea).

Mzbel, further stated that to confirm her suspicion, whenever she visits Pastor Laryea for counseling, she always meet the presence of Awo Zuta at the pastor’s office, even at odd times.

Mzbel snitched on Awo , told her husband,  Eugene about the affair Awo confided in her.

After that , Eugene told Pastor Laryea of what Mzbel had told him.Pastor Josh Laryea then confronted Mzbel which she confirmed. Thereafter she was made a subject of subtle attacks at the church, conspired by Awo and her husband, Eugene under the clear watch of Josh Laryea, who as a spiritual head did nothing about it.

And I always ask, where should we go for salvation if even these holier than thou are all involved in this “sinful acts”? Anyway,Listen to the convo Chris had with Mzbel;

Watch Video here

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