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Saturday, 22 April 2017

(Gaposa Must read) : A open letter to Timaya and Timi Dakolo by popular blogger and publicist, E-mark

Dear Timaya and Timi Dakolo
I do not intend to pen down many letters on this letter as this is a well known issue in Bayelsa and Nigeria at Large.

The Music industry in Nigeria is one big one, infact , it is the biggest in Africa and at such, good connections and helping hands are needed for the voices of upcoming artistes, to be heared nationwide.

Super star artistes from many other tribes and states knows this fact very well and at such has taking it as a mandate to help develop and grow artistes from their places ,tribes and states by signing them to their personal labels or bringing them to stardom by featuring on their songs.

Very true examples of this fact is Olamide's YBNL which has been a channel of development for the Yoruba artistes such as LIL KESH, DAVOLEE, CHINKO, etc .

another example is about the Igbos and how they carry their own people along ,omg like play like play ZORO is becoming a household name in the game because of helps from phyno and flavour.

            Ill Bliss helped phyno out, chidinma also after her project fame glory, J-martins helped selebobo out by featuring on d remix of his bes hit song and many many more.

Davido on the other hand has brought to lime light more than five Yoruba artistes e.g B red,  mayorkun, Dremo, etc .
If I should go on with this examples , then this note will be endless but the very question I have for TIMAYA and TIMI DAKOLO is
1) what has Bayelsans done to you people that you have no pity for them?
2)why can't the both of you stretch out a hand of development and establishment to at least one or two Bayelsa artistes? 

The both of you may make so Much money in this world but a mans legacy is not about how much wealth he or she acquired but its about how you impact and affect humanity.

Not helping Bayelsa artistes till now shows the both of you as very wicked souls , people who doesn't wish their brothers to become better like them .

Even your very own friends in the industry laughs hard at your stupidity.Have you no conscience? even if you Dont want to sign this artistes, the least you can do is to feature on their tracks and you might just make their dreams come through ,Olamide did it for Ycee , Davido did for ,Phyno did it for Zoro then what da fuck is wrong with you both wicked souls?

Ohhhhh common Dont tell me there are no good talents in Bayelsa just Google this names and see how good this artistes are AD,Jahwondah, Derek 2kb, JOVIN, Idyl, Jerry Stonar, wall zee, Yawng boss, Elvidal , k Rex,wall zee,payper,Venom, Yongzy k , Cyria , Black geez ,chief timz, Beez Rejay,kalaoguru,2kg and so many more.
You have made the way of this artistes getting access to you so hard...

Please Timaya just like your song to politicians, please also pity for Bayelsa artistes and Timi Dakolo you owe Bayelsans a lot .do not forget how you started.you are not giving good treatment to the ladder that took u up .please free your minds and have good plans for your people, create platforms for them to get access to you .

I will end by still saying this......wealth is not a mans legacy but how you affect and impact humanity..please Timi Dakolo and Timaya, stretch out a helping hand to Bayelsa artistes but if at the end of the day the both of you still refuses, GOD WILL MAKE ANOTHER BETTER WAY FOR THEM.
Written by E-mark
Super star blogger and publicist

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