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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

MASSOB dares Buhari, Says ‘Nigeria’s Unity Negotiable’ as SDP tasks on Restructuring

Reacting to the President warning that those agitating for the dismemberment of the coun­try would not be spared, MAS­SOB said that Buhari’s comments on Nigeria’s unity only portrayed him as being jittery over the “im­pending disintegration.”
MASSOB said it “views Bu­hari’s constant negative com­ments on principal and primary issues affecting the very existence of Nigeria and Biafra conscious­ness as a sign of being jittery”.
The group argued that it was illusionary for the President to think that Nigeria could not dis­integrate in the face of the prevail­ing injustice in the land.
He urged the President to stop thinking that he could quell the agitation for self-determina­tion with intimidation, insisting that “nobody can crush Biafra”.
*Act fast on restructuring, SDP tells President
Meanwhile, the Social Dem­ocratic Party (SDP) has called on the President to take practical ac­tions to commence the process of restructuring the country, insist­ing that it remains the fundamen­tal for peace and unity in Nigeria.
The party in a statement is­sued by its National Publicity Secretary, Alfa Mohammed, dis­agreed with what it described as Buhari’s passing remark on re­structuring in his speech, adding that directing the agitators to the National Assembly, where it had been killed had shown his non-interest in it.
The SDP urged the President to show his real commitment to the process by quickly creat­ing an avenue to meet leaders of thought from the various geo-po­litical zones of the country, with a view to ensuring a consensus on the matter.
“While we commend Mr President for resolving to ad­dress the worrisome economic situation of the country and in­vigorate the fight against terror­ism and ethnic violence, we disa­gree with mare passing remark by him on the sensitive issue of the wide spread call for the restruc­turing of the nation particular­ly in relation to the devolution of more powers to the federating units and the correction of the imminent structural imbalance.
“This issue of restructur­ing, we reason is fundamental to the peace and unity of our great country, and pretending other­wise is like postponing the dooms day.
“Directing agitators of the Nation’s restructure to the coun­cil of state or the National Assem­bly where it was killed during the constitutional review exercise, amounts to not appreciating the enormity of neglecting the loud cry of the victims of the status quo,” he said.

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