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Thursday, 14 September 2017

courtship turn bloody

It is usually during dating and courtship that intending couples study each other the more and become more intimate. In this period, parents, relatives and friends of would-be-couples become fully aware of relationships between the intending couples. Under this period, a man takes wine to the parents and family members of the girl he intends to marry and make his intention known to them and this is called introduction. During this, the man is either accepted or rejected by the parents, family members and relative of the woman.
Some lovers after preliminary marriage rites live together as couple and begin to bear children without fulfilling the whole marriage rites including payment of dowry. Some complete the marriage rites and wed to make their marriage very official.
Many don’t care to see the parents of their lovers to make their intention of marrying their daughters known to them. They live with their lovers, bear children and don’t care to formalize the relationship with their lovers either by wine carrying (introduction) or payment of dowries. This is why some parents and relatives of their lovers always cut their pound of flesh when the girl dies in the hands of the man during the illegal union by insisting that the man must fulfil all the marriage rites before burying their daughter or claiming children such relationship produced.
Some of those who carried wine to their lovers’ family have problem in their relationships, which sometimes ends the relationship or claim lives.
One of such is the one involving Friday Njoku(30) and Cynthia Nwafia(25) in Ebonyi State.
Njoku killed Cynthia over an alleged infidelity. The incident occurred in Abakaliki.
Njoku and Cynthia have been friends for some years.
Njoku had only offered wine to the parents and relatives of his girl to indicate his intention to marry her and was accepted by Cynthia’s family.
Njoku and Cynthia’s relationship was almost sealed with formal marriage when he(Njoku) on September 1, 2017, stabbed the girl to death .
He had stormed his lover’s house at 5 Amachi Street, Abakaliki at about 12:30am when she was cooking and stabbed her.
Cynthia was rushed to the hospital by her neighbours following an alarm but she could not make as she passed away few minutes after being taken to the hospital.
Njoku, after stabbing Cynthia, went to his house in another street in Abakaliki and committed suicide.
His corpse was discovered inside his room with blood gushing out from his nose, eyes and ears at 9:am the following day.
Sources told New Telegraph that Njoku had gone to Cynthia’s family a day before he killed the girl and complained that the deceased was unfaithful to him.
But Cynthia’s elder brother, Meshark Offia, debunked it saying ‘howcan Friday said my sister is unfaithful when they are not living together? They are not legally married?”
Offia said: “Around 1’oclock in the night, I got an information that one Friday Njoku from Ebonyi Local Government stabbed my sister to death. I and my two cousins went to the mortuary and saw corpse of my sister.
“I went to the state police headquarters, Abakaliki and reported the
matter. I got information that the assailant killed himself after stabbing my sister to death. I also went to the mortuary and saw his own corpse. That Friday Njoku in person is husband of my sister. He has not actually concluded the marriage rites but he has brought drinks for us and the family accepted him. The girl also accepted him.
“The girl was living in her house and Friday is also living in his own house. They have not joined together as the tradition demands but we are all aware that Friday is the husband to Cynthia though he has not paid her bride price. Friday is a motorcycle operator. My sister
is a fashion designer.
“I will help to dig out the cause of this tragedies. My sister and Friday were in good terms. Even Friday came to my house a day before he killed my sister. How can Friday say my sister was unfaithful when they are not living together; they are not legally married? The girl lived in my house because I am the one that rented the house she was living. She was living at No 5 Amachi street, along Odunukwe street here in Abakaliki and that is where she was murdered. She was murdered while cooking. Friday came to her house at that late hour of 12am on that very night and she opened door for him to enter because Friday is her husband”.
One of the late Cynthia’s neighbours, Mr. Michael Ugwu, explained that he heard the panic cry of Nwofia’s roommate, calling on neighbours that the victim was being stabbed with dagger by her fiancé in their room.
“When people rushed out to rescue her, Njoku ran out of Cynthia’s room and escaped through a bush path. We hurriedly conveyed the girl to the Federal Teaching hospital Abakaliki where doctors on duty confirmed her dead,” he said.
Confirming the incident, Ebonyi State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Lovet Odah, said the police had commenced a full investigation into the matter to unravel the circumstances surrounding the murder of the deceased and the suicide case.
“Yes, we have received a report that one Cynthia Nwofia was murdered by her boyfriend. We were still searching for the suspect, one Friday Njoku when his body was found dead in his room with poison.
Investigation is still on for now and both bodies are in the mortuary.
“Our special anti-robbery squad, visited Njoku’s residence and found him dead. With him was a bottle of chemical and there were stains of the poison in his mouth,” Odah said.

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