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Saturday, 30 September 2017

K1 plans big for retirement

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Over the years, not a few disciples of fuji music maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal a.k.a. K1 the Ultimate had wished his music were food so they would sample each course in a mixture like awed subjects invited to a king’s banquet. They will get their wish soon, in a manner of speaking. Come November 1, the legendary fuji crooner will launch a confectionary business, Anjola Bakery.
K1 who rose to enduring fame with his Talazo 84 album many years ago has been somewhat quiet on the music-making front for some time now, even though he remains in hot demand when it comes to performing at events. The husband of beautiful Fathia Opeyemi has started thinking of life after music, having celebrated his 60th birthday earlier this year. Thus he created Brampton Gizalink Group as his ticket into post-music financial security.
The company, which specialises in construction, dredging and sale of music equipment, has been bringing in the bucks. With Anjola Bakery set for launch soon with state of the art facilities and equipment, a confectionary arm has been added to the umbrella group.
Fans and admirers will be hoping the new bakery contains the musical essence of K1. That way, their palates can sing to the taste of delicious bread, while their bodies sway to his music.

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