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Saturday, 30 September 2017


Nollywood actress and model, Felicia Fred, may have gained popularity for her twerk videos on Instagram, but she says that beneath all that, she’s just a regular girl. 
The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Mass Communication graduate speaks with OVWE MEDEME on a number of issues including her career, growing up.
F all the things you could have been, why acting?
Acting is my passion, it’s what I love to do, it’s something am very passionate about. As a person, I think when I’m on screen acting or trying to be someone I’m not, someone aside my real self, I derive this pleasure and sense of purpose; there is this sense of fulfillment that comes with just being anything other than myself.
Is it that you see acting as an escape from who you are?
Not really, but sometimes it is. There are times in your life that you will be going through so much and you just need a distraction. There was a time in my life I was going through a lot and when I was called upon to come and feature in a movie, I realized it made me so happy that I forgot every other thing happening in my life.
Do you want to talk about those things you have been through?
Not really
How did you get your first role?
I’ve been on Instagram since 2012 and I’ve been able to do some dance skits and other things that helped me to gain followership on social media. So my first role came through that means. The producer called me to say that because of the video I posted online, he saw that I was really interested in becoming an actress, and that he wants to give me a role. While on the set of that movie, the director walked in on me and helped me bring out the character.
What movie was that?
It was titled Ghost Lover. That was my very first movie.
When was that?
The movie was shot in 2015 but it was officially released in 2016.
So far, how many films have you acted in?
I’ve been in eight films including Ghost Lover, Frozen Flames, Something Awful, and a host of others. About four of them are yet to be released.
How challenging has acting been for you?
Probably because I’m a beginner, I will say I’m just starting out, it’s not challenging for now.
So none of the movies you acted have been challenging for you?
Not exactly, but I think the movie Something Awful was a little bit challenging. I had to play the role of a married woman who was wicked and all of that.
Are you working on your personal movie?
Yes I am
Can you talk about it?
It’s a top secret for now.
Why top secret when eventually it will come out?
Yes, eventually it will, but when its time I’ll let you and every other person know.
Tell us more about yourself, where did you grow up?
I was born in Plateau State; I grew up in Jos. I had my primary and secondary education in Jos. I come from a very religious family and have a strict upbringing. Maybe it is one of the reasons why my parents were so strict because we had this Jos crisis to deal with. Most parents then were very protective of their kids and all of that.
Can you recall the first crisis you witnessed?
Yes of course. The first crisis I witnessed was on my birthday. It was very painful experience because I lost a friend. She took a bullet for me and we had to sleep on the mountain that day and that was the first crisis ever. I’m not sure I would like to talk about that experience.
Where did you get your tertiary education?
I studied Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. I graduated in 2013.
So why are you not doing anything along those lines?
I’m working on it. I would love to have my own talk show. There so many things I’m working on right now, but by the grace of God everything will come with God’s time.
Your recently twerk video got you a large following. Some say it’s a negative way of getting popularity. What’s your take on that?
Well, honestly I didn’t know I was going to get popularity through the twerk video. I was so happy and in a good mood so I videoed myself and because it was natural everyone who saw it knew it was natural, it just worked out in my favour. Sometimes you get attention from things you don’t plan for; things you don’t expect. And it was a surprised to some of my followers; because I always post pictures, I don’t even get to smile. So seeing that other side of me was something else.
You were recently quoted as saying that you can’t have sex with a man without money…
I was quoted out of context. That was not what I said exactly. I was told to choose between love, money and sex. So I said money, and they asked what about sex. So I told that one can’t think about sex when one has bills to pay and when one has a lot of things to do with money. Money is more important than sex; I will still maintain that. I didn’t mean that I will only sleep with a man for money.
You seem free talking about these things despite your strict upbringing. Does it not bother your family?
People sound as if twerking is a bad thing. They talk about it like it’s only for strippers. Funny enough my dad called me to say he saw an interview about sexual intercourse. I was like ‘I don’t know what to say to you right now but please I beg you read the full interview then I will explain myself to you.’ Then after reading it he said it was one of those things.
He was surprised I was a little bit free to talk about stuff like that. The truth is that I’m naturally honest about things and I have strong opinion about things. So I spoke my mind. I was just being practical, I was being realistic.
For someone who has seen war, were everybody is looking for what to eat they won’t be thinking of sex. What about when people have problems or are sick? Will they be thinking of sex? Every responsible man or woman should know that there is time for everything. There’s a time to put things in order. You know this life is one. You need to have clothes, food, and basic things before thinking of carnal things. That was what I meant.
Those are really strong opinions?
Yes, strong and realistic. And I got a lot of backlash from people and a lot of guys were criticizing me, calling me names like Ashewo. But I was just being real
Are you in a relationship?
I have no comments on that.
Why is that?
Because I don’t want to put my life out there. I’m a private person even though I’m in the industry. When you begin to talk about your private life, people shift their minds from the talent to your personal life; I don’t want that to happen.
How do people respond to this?
Sometimes it makes a lot of people upset. But eventually they get to see that I mean no harm and I’m just being honest. And again I’m open to learning because we learn every day. I always try to hear people’s opinion about things too. And then I analyse a lot.
What modeling jobs have you done?
I am presently the face of Sniper Energy drink. But then again, I want to explore other aspects of modeling because it is a very broad industry and a lot of it is yet to be explored.
Are you interested in runway modeling?
No, I’m not. I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to express myself through fashion, through arts. I appreciate runway but to me, it’s a little bit boring.
How do you handle competition, do you feel threatened?
If there is any competition I have, it is myself, because first of all I love to impress myself before thinking of any other person. So I create my own standard probably I would see a competition after have impressed myself enough before I could look at someone else. I’m sorry but that’s me, I have to impress myself before I look at what the other person is doing. Everybody has one or two things to offer. For now I don’t see any competition.

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