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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Actress Uche Mac-Auley launches online TV channel

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NOLLYWOOD star Actress, writer, producer and publisher, Uche Mac-Auley, has announced the launch of her online TV channel, Elialand.
Set to run on the 30th of November, EliaLand will open up with a variety of programs, including talk shows, true life exposé, celebrity interviews, street shows, entertainment tidbits and lots more, said Mac-Auley. Describing EliaLand as the ‘next chapter’ for her, the actress said she hopes the online channel will become a household name for the Nigerian online TV audience and for Africans in Diaspora as well.
“Our intent is to get as much of the online community who feast on videos from this part of the world, as deeply immersed in this, as possible,” said Mac-Auley.
“We are therefore creating content that will not only get people inspired, talking and thinking, but rewarded in many ways for being part of the EliaLand community. We hope also that some of the things we will publish over time will somehow attract the attention of people in relevant positions, bring them to EliaLand and cause them to take the needed steps in the necessary areas. And as for the subscribers and viewers, it’s our wish that they come away with some form of reaction regarding the content they have seen. Really, it’s impossible to watch something on EliaLand and stay indifferent.”
EliaLand, owned by Uche Mac-Auley and run by her partner-husband Solomon Mac-Auley and herself, has all its maiden content produced and executed by both of them.

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