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Friday, 3 November 2017

[GAPOSA ALBUM REVIEW]: Here Is What We Think About Falz’s ”27”

Despite earnest debate as to his ’27’ declared age isn’t all the way true, Falz, in this new work of art shows that he is mature despite still being young by any sensible metric.
”27” sees the young rapper reaffirming his stance in the rap religion of the nation as he masterfully slithered between themes and which he unbelievably delivered with such exactness, vivid detail, and imperious pacing that still has me wondering if this is really Falz rapping.
We are driven into the ’27” world with the song ”Polished” which sees him articulately letting everyone who cares to listen, just how effortless it is to communicate in any chosen language or accent needed for his message to be passed across. His sleek jump into ‘‘La Fete” further proves his ability to pull stunts on any beat given. The groovy track proved worthy of anyone’s MB as it dripped with massive lyric sauce and head nodding juice. His producer came through on the track.
Alright featuring Burna Boy comes off as that feeling you get drinking a cold beer after spending the day under the scorching Lagos sun. Both acts proved to have some sort of magic working together, an altogether good song.
Way ft Wande Coal sounded a bit mumbled as it took me a while to make out what Wande was purring about. As he struggled to contain his swirling pitch, both acts seem to be way out of their element as the beat was way higher than their vocals, so what then is the essence of the song if we can not hear the lyrics, best make it just a beat kinda track.
Terry Apala in his usual self came through on My Money. Not much to be said on this track, what’s good, is good, absolutely no need for so much talk about it. It almost seemed Terry was more in-tune with himself than the owner of this work himself.  Falz was literally shouting his way through the song reminding me of Kevin Hart in the prison scene of Think Like A Man Too.
Le Vrai saw Falz’s hidden wings growing larger and more colorful as he expertly swayed between pitch and language. Beautiful work here.
’27’ coming at a time the core of rap in Nigeria is being questioned, Falz in his little way has restored a little bit of faith in the dwindling genre. Falz did a fine job with the lyrics, beat and storytelling technique employed for this body of work and we couldn’t be more grateful for this.
Overall, We rate the song 6/10  ★★★★★★☆☆
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