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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


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[8:02PM, 10/31/2017] Promise Bus: Good evening all,I am comrade miss ebegbulem promise E.O ..the immediate former social director II of THE GATEWAY ICT POLYTECHNIC SAAPADE, REMO NORTH,OGUN STATE, I happen to be the the only female speaker for this orientation,, ITs of course a great privilege that I have this enormous opportunity to touch lives tonight....
Now I will be dealing with some relevant issues that surrounds ur social life on campus and how u manage them,,,
1).Do u know that your social life affects every part of ur life?? Spiritually, physically,socially, emotionally and so. Talking about social life,my people it can't be better off summarized.
.2). Where u stay? Do u stay at ipara,isaara,ode,iperu or sagamu,? Please I want to urge u all to know that ur stay over there is just in Gods hands,don't take advantage of this,,,make sure u belong to ur school social chat, that way u will be current,, since its a village, there's more of rituals ,please my people, when such Info's are been passed pls always adhere and stay indoors I beg of u all...
[8:03PM, 10/31/2017] Promise Bus: 3).try to belong only to the right set of people, pls,inasmuch as u are a student doesn't give u the right to forget ur major purpose of school...
A).u love dancing? Pls fix urselves to the right group and know what u go there to do
B).u love politics? Do same...
C).U love visiting?.
I beg u, visit only d right set of people
Don't let ur urge for fun derive u from know the reason ure in school,,
By now,one shud b able to define when he's in school or at home. If u have come to school why not get ready for all the mess and come out with a victorious result??
[8:03PM, 10/31/2017] Promise Bus: 4).Be wise be vigilant, don't be a scholar and still be a fool...
5).greet everybody,, u may find favour from that person anytime...
Don't be rude or mean to say hi..
6).cultism?,,, let me warn u ,,ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law,,u must always be wise so as never to fall a victim...
It is indeed a criminal offence and of course ,expulsion awaits that person and such person will be sent to jail.... Don't join cultism because u were forced to,,,call on any reliable person,, we should be able to help,don't forget that gateway has a school lawyer,feel free to talk to him matter the circumstances...
[8:36PM, 10/31/2017] Promise Bus: 7).relating ur social life to school life,,,
The world formally believes and I quote"all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"
a little percent of fun,taking at the right time,right period etc doesnt't kill but u must be able to map out your major schedules from your Daily and social schedule,,this way,u won't jam things up,because u will be able to minimize time and maximize success
[9:15PM, 10/31/2017] Promise Bus: I am a living testimony,,,, when I got to school, I was doing great but I had this terrible fever during my exams in the hall,,I wondered why but no one could answer,my result was as good as poor for my kind of vibrant person in the class,
Now this sickness made my outcome in school very poor...
2). I am a also dancer,and a model,,I fixed my self on so many activities, we go for evening shows to vomit all our routines/steps, it wasn't easy tho I felt I was helping my self tho...
Yes I was,I was Doing everything right,I wanted to burn unnecessary fat too,I dance when I'm angry because I pour all my sorrows to it and it just go away..everything went right but the problem was "the scheduling" I wasn't properly scheduled because after lectures, I get so hungry and I'm off to rehearsals and from there I get so tired that I miss the market days and I even go to bed very hungry till the next day,..
Whit this kind of life,u "cannot" give the best when u attend class because ur system needs more food and more restart ...
I knew this part of me was getting outta hand so I had to put more effort in my studies,,but mind u,I couldn't go so higher because something was also sharing a better part of me.
my previous GPA for ND1 1ST SEMESTER WAS 2.76 ,now this is a poor start for me and now my social time mixed with my hard effort made me fall at 2.89 ..I was so worried,knowing where I came from I knew I needed to buckle up and be good,,,it got outta hand when I became ass. Dance cord,, which means u will have to dedicate more time and effort,, this way my life wasn't settled anymore,, I was deeply battling education and social life,,,remember church services was part of it.
My God! It wasn't easy, so I quited rehearsals, this decision wasn't easy at all,it was much battle for me, but I needed to do it,,I had to grab enough time and fix my self on responsible activities favouring more of school work since that was the major,,I am proud to tell me, my first semester ND2 gpa result was 3.12,,I didn't give up,,I harkened more to God and as God may have it my Nd2 final semester GPA was 3.45 ...
Now my fellow students, this is God in action,, prayers and hard works brought me to this stage,,I would give more to be an excellent person....
All the fun, visitations and what ave you are very important, but don't "ever" let them put u on the fence,don't let ur party life take the best part of school in ur life,if ure for school be for school,,,,join interesting and legal social groups, it helps u grow but don't be deceived by the pleasure u get from those activities etc...I can advice u today because I believ in academic excellence, pls don't throw urs away,,there's hope.
Meet the right people at the right time to help u get there..
See u all at the top..
I love you all!!!!
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