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Monday, 20 November 2017

[ Gaposa Gossop]: 5 Times Davido Has Called Out people on a song - welcome to Gaposaolofofo

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke popularly known by his stage name Davidois definitely one of Africa’s biggest music act and he continues to grow stronger musically as he keeps having back to back hit tracks.Davido’s career has not been void of drama as it appears the singer enjoys every single time it happens and even knows just how to get out of it and address it each time it happens.The singer in times past has taken beefs with individuals and addressed it in a song and we think that’s the beauty of the music act. We have put together a list of 5timesDavido addressed people in a song.
1.Wizkid Davido and Wizkid’s rivalry is the biggest in modern Nigerian music history and it has lasted for years and is still on as fans are still very much divided over who’s better between both singers.A while back,Wizkid took a shot at Davido, accusing him of having a ‘Frog’ voice thus insulting Davido’s somewhat husky voice which is synonymous with the singer. It didn’t take long before Davido took to Olamide’s collaborative song ‘Summer Body’ to take a shot back at wiz kid. Below is the line he targeted at Wizkid.‘With Yankee passport dem say we local, you better catcg up i go see you later’.Davido claims to be a U.S citizen as he denies being far from local while also addressing the fact that wiz kid has to fly to the U.S with a Visa.
2.Dele Momodu Popular Newspaper editor,Dele Momodu who owns Ovation International Magazine also got on the bad side of Davido when he intervened in Davidoand his babymama,Sophia Momodu’s brouhaha.Davido’s first babymama,Sophia Momodu is a family member of Dele Momodu and by extension aided Sophia in preventing Davido from flying out his daughter out of the country a while back by claiming Davido didn’t have rights to take the child away from the country. A small drama ensued at the airport and it caused a great deal of embarassment for Davido’s family.Davido wasn’t happy with this development and didn’t take long before he went ham on Dele Momoduon Falz’s song ‘Bahd, Baddo, Baddest’ where he dropped the line:‘Mr Dele na my boy, Dele na my boy’a line that caused so much controversy at the time.
3.Caroline Danjuma Caroline Danjuma got on Davido’s bad side when she accused the singer of being involved in the tragic death ofTagbo, who reports claimed to be Caroline’s babydaddy. Caroline accusedDavidoand his friends of droppingTagbo’s corpse at the hospital and fleeing the scene.Davidowas invited by the Police a couple of times and some of his friends were arrested as well, it had to take CCTV footage and a strong PR team to getDavidoout of the mess and he didn’t take long before he went and addressedCaroline Danjumaon a song.He dissed Caroline in his latest song titled‘FIA’ where he dropped a remarkable line:‘Caroline save your drama, i don’t need it for a Soap Opera’
4. Nigerian Police ForceDavido’s relationship with the members of the Nigerian Police force can be said to be a somewhat bitter-sweet one as he’s been involved in one or two drama with the Force.The first time he got into a problem with them was when on August 1, 2017, a video went into circulation on social media in which some men alleged to be policemen were seen shooting in the air on the street in a moving vehicle. It was later revealed that the owner of the car wasDavidoand the officers involved were attached to him. This was revealed afterDavidoposted the video of his police escorts shooting in the air, thereby causing commotion along the streets of Lagos.The incident was so messy that the The Head Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU), ACP Abayomi Shogunle hadto release a statement and the police officers involved where eventually arrested.A second time was his ordeal with the Police when he was questioned overTagbo’s death followingCaroline Danjumafingering him to be involved in the cause of the deceased. In his new song,Davidoalso addressed ‘Oga Police’ on the song where he dropped a line that read:‘Hola Hola, Mr Olopa, i’m not here to causewahala’a line that seemed like he didn’t want to be involved in any more Police drama.
5.Sophia MomoduDavidomay be at his peace right now withhis first babymama, but it wasn’t entirely this way from the onset as both parties went on full war on social media right afterthe child was born.Davidoalongside his family members were at one time prevented from travellingto Dubai with his daughter, Imade Adelekeas Sophia insisted she was going to go with them on the trip, a decisionDavido’s family didn’t seem convenient with at the time.Davidotook to the remix of Humblesmith’sOsinachi remix to take shots at Sophia, where he used lines like:‘No be by force to go Dubai, abi na wetin cause the fight?’Thank you for reading this article and incase we miss anyone, you can hit the comments section and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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