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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How to maintain your relationship and won't break up Number 7&10 Will Make Her Give You Free F. - Welcome to

Getting someone to love you maybe little easy but maintaining the relationship to be sweet and strong need a lot of hard work and commitment.
1. Leave no doubts. Simply put, make sure she knows that you are 100% into her—and not just for her looks. Encourage her to achieve her own goals and lend support whenever she needs it most. You don’t have to make an elaborate production out of building her up; a sum of small daily gestures should do the trick.

 2. Be caring and understanding with each other.
3. Check whether your expectations are realistic.
It is great to have expectations! It is also natural to expect your partner to be there for you all the time; to love you unconditionally; to always understand you; to always remember your birthday. It is great to expect that you and your partner will always be in a good mood; will always be se......... attracted to one another, and so on.

If you find out that your expectations are not fulfilled, rather than getting angry at your partner, ask yourself whether your expectations are realistic and attainable. Often we set unrealistic expectations which cause us to become frustrated, disillusioned, angry and disappointed.
4. Don’t argue over money : It’s practically a guaranteed relationship killer.
5. Make your partner a priority: That is why you’re in this relationship in the first place.
6. Share your thoughts: Your hopes. Your fears. Your passions. Let your partner know who you really are. Set aside some time each day just to talk about the things that are important to each of you, as individuals.

  • 7. Make time

Another obvious one, but if you don’t spend any time together alone as a couple then you’re inevitably going to drift apart. Relationships need intimacy in order to succeed so regular contact is essential. If you don’t see much of your partner and don’t feel like you miss them or need to see them more regularly, then maybe it is time to reassess whether you still have feelings for this person.
8. Don't cheat for any reason.
Please don't cheat.
9. Experience new things together, try new things together and have fun about it.
10. Love your lover unconditionally and appreciate everything about them.


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