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Friday, 16 February 2018

BBNaija: Savagery, clapbacks define the course

As reality show, Big Brother Naija continues to gather storm, housemates are becoming more comfortable showing their ‘Nigerianess’. The 18th day in the competition witnessed more clap backs than the rest days put together.
For instance, not being able put together a 56 second puzzle piece in a space of 10 minutes must have split their egos so much that any wrong buttons pressed would have caused an explosion. After being called arrogant by Biggie, Ahneeka was already a pot put to the boil but when Teddy A told her not to be silly, she exploded and threw shade. She even went as far as advising Teddy A to acquire a pair of steel ones.
For his part, K.Brule was no longer about to take Khloe’s offences lying down. He clapped back extra hard when Khloe tried him; letting her know that he was sick of her bullying and told her to get her own food because he’s not her father. On the brighter side, K.Brule’s revolt landed him cuddles and sweet compliments.
Nina is known to be surrounded by a group of people that consider themselves superior. Even during the diary sessions, the other Housemates shamelessly declare her a weak link and constantly throw jabs at her inability to fully express herself in spoken word. The fact that she’s always tucked away nicely on Miracle’s lap hasn’t help much. But when Ifu Ennada threw direct jabs and called her names, Nina had none of it. She returned the offences and stood her ground. Though Miracle had to take it a step further and straighten Ifu Ennada out, Nina sure clapped back and gained a little respect from the others.
Rico Swavey however pulled the biggest clap back thus far; one that wasn’t entirely directed at individual but at the group as a whole. While they planned their meals, Rico Swavey let it  rain and pointed out just how disgusted he was with all the waste and how he loathed finding half consumed plates of food that would eventually be thrown out. Many of the Housemates did agree with him but this certainly did hit home.

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