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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Simple ways to setup twitter advert

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There were time i am thinking about setting up twitter advert and i was wondering what my options are?  Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Twitter advertising is not difficult to set up, and for a very small amount of money it can provide an additional stream of traffic, customers and revenue.
In this article, you’ll discover three cost-effective ways to advertise on Twitter.

Determine Your Campaign Budget

To control the cost of your campaign and minimize your risk, it’s important to set a total and daily budget. This means you’ll have to decide the value of a new follower, lead or click-through to your website.
 Today, I want to tell you about the Twitter Advert options available to businesses and show you the setup process for creating your own Twitter Advertising campaign with Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Trends.

Signing In to Twitter Advertising

Simple ways to setup twitter advert : When you click the Start Advertising button in your email, you are taken to a login screen to sign in with your current Twitter handle and password. If you try signing in to Twitter Ads with an account other than the one you were invited with, it will give you a message that you do not have access and must request it on the Twitter for Business site.
Once you succeed in signing in you will see a
Simple ways to setup An advert on twitter
Welcome to Twitter Advertising page
There, you will find a little description of the types of Twitter advertising options available to you, plus an introductory video on Twitter for Small Business.

Types of Twitter Advertising Options

Before you click the Get Started button, let’s look at the three types of Twitter Advertising options available.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts allows you to promote your account as one to follow. A very good example is when you log in to your Twitter account and go to your main dashboard. To the left of your Twitter stream, beneath your Twitter statistics, is a box showing suggested users to follow based on your interests. If an advertiser has related keywords in its profile and is targeting an audience in your location, you will see it as a promoted account in this section.
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Overall, Promoted Accounts simply gives your business’s Twitter profile more exposure and helps you build followers who should be interested in your business. They are great for helping more people discover your brand and can help you build up your account before a big event or capitalize on a time when your business is most relevant (like TurboTax in March). You can read more about Promoted Accounts in the Twitter Help Center and Twitter Promoted Products.

if you are to setup twitter advert these are the available options

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets allows you to highlight a particular status update to get more exposure for it. You will have Promoted Tweets throughout Twitter included on your profile itself in expanded view

Promoted Trends

Trending topics on Twitter are the most talked about subjects on the social network, appearing on the left side of the page, on the Discover tab, and on the Twitter app. Promoted Trends allow you to promote a hashtag at the top of that list.
When Twitter users click on your Promoted Trend, they see an organic list of search results for the topic, with a Promoted Tweet from you at the top of the list. As people pick up on your hashtag and start using it themselves, you can gain additional organic exposure that increases the reach of your campaign.

Types of Twitter ad campaigns

The various Twitter ad products are used alone or in combination to create Twitter campaigns. Campaigns are categorized based on your campaign objective, and you pay for different results depending on the type of campaign you choose.

Tweet engagements

For Tweet engagements campaigns, you promote Tweets with the goal of starting conversations around your brand and pay only for the initial engagement with each user. You do not pay for impressions of your Promoted Tweet that do not result in engagement, and you do not pay for ongoing organic engagement with users who react to your Tweet.


For followers campaigns, you promote your Twitter account and pay per follower you gain. Impressions and engagement (other than a follow) are free.


For awareness campaigns, you promote your Tweets to a broad audience and pay for impressions (cost per thousand, or CPM). This is the only type of campaign where the Twitter ads pricing is based on impressions rather than engagements, so make sure your Tweet is compelling enough to cause viewers to take some kind of action.

Video views

Perhaps not surprisingly, a video views campaign aims to increase the number of users who view your videos. You promote your videos to a targeted audience and pay per video view. You pay once a user sees two seconds of playback in the timeline, clicks to watch in fullscreen, or takes the video off mute.

Website clicks or conversions

For both clicks and conversions campaigns, you promote Tweets to people who you want to visit and take action on your website. You’re charged per click in both types of campaign, but a conversions campaign has additional functionality to track conversions. Both of these types of campaign allow you to include a Website Card, which includes a preview of your website right in your Tweet.

App installs or re-engagements

For app installs or re-engagement campaigns, you promote your Tweets to users you want to download your app, or to users who have already downloaded your app but have not used it for a while. You can pay per app install or for both app installs and app opens, depending on your goal.
This type of campaign allows you to include an App Card, which shows a preview image of your app, along with the app’s ratings, right in your Tweet, and gives users the option to open or install the app with one click.

Lead generation

In lead generation campaigns, you promote Tweets that incorporate Lead Generation Cards to collect leads and pay per lead collected. Lead generation cards, which you can create in the Twitter ads manager, allow users to share their name, email, and Twitter handle with two clicks directly within the Twitter interface. The information is saved to your Twitter ads account, and you can download the list in CSV format.

How to advertise on Twitter

Now that you understand the types of campaign you can choose from, this step-by-step Twitter ads tutorial will explain how to get your first ad up and running.

1. Set up your first campaign

Head over to the Twitter Ads Manager. You’ll find the list of campaign objectives on the left side of the page. Based on the information above, choose the objective you’d like to achieve with your campaign, then click Create Campaign. This will take you to the Twitter ad campaign screen, where you can name your campaign, choose whether to start the campaign right away or schedule it for later, and decide whether to add third-party tracking.
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Simple ways to setup twitter advert

2. Choose your audience

Twitter offers a number of targeting options to help you choose the right audience for your ad and maximize your budget. You’ll start with geographic targeting, getting as specific as a particular metro area or even postal code, or as broad as a whole country. You can also target by gender, language, device, platform, and even carrier.
The more detailed targeting options allow you to target based on specific user characteristics like interests, behaviors, and even the specific keywords and TV shows users Tweet about.
To help guide you, the interface provides an estimated audience size that changes as you add more Twitter ads targeting options to your campaign.
You can also choose to upload your own list of people (such as your email list), or choose to target people who are similar to your follower base.
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Simple ways to setup twitter advert

3. Set your budget

You can set daily maximum and total campaign budgets for your ad campaign to control how much your Twitter ads cost. The interface will show you whether you’ll pay by impression or engagement, so you can get a good sense of how much it’s worth to you to pay for what’s on offer. The interface will also show you suggested bids based on what others are paying, or you can check out Twitter’s recommended bids for each type of campaign.
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Simple ways to setup twitter advert

4. Choose your creative

Twitter will show you a list of your existing Tweets that you can choose to promote. If you prefer, you can choose to create a new Tweet specifically for your ad. As you work, you’ll see a preview of your ad on the right side of the page.
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Simple ways to setup twitter advert
Finally, click Publish Tweet to launch your ad.

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