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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Fire service records 36 fire incidents, 40 distress calls in Nasarawa


Nasarawa state Fire Service has confirmed that in the first quarter of 2018, it has recorded 36 fire incidents, 40 distress calls and four rescue calls with one life lost and three others saved across the state.
Alhaji Dogara Dalhatu, Chief Fire Officer, in the state made this known in an interview with newsmen in Lafia on Thursday.
According to Dalhatu, out of the 40 distress calls received across the state so far, 36 were actual fire calls with properties lost estimated to be about N54.9 million while estimated worth of properties saved stands at N531.8 million.
“I must say that the rate of fire incidents for the first quarter of 2018 was controlled compared to other periods. This is so because from the available statistics for the period, the command recorded 40 distressed calls. Out of these calls, fire incidents stood at 36”.
“We recorded four rescue calls, that is people that fall into a dam or open water. From the available statistics, one life was lost from these incidents and we were able to save three lives. The properties lost is about N54.9 million while estimated worth of properties saved is about N531.8 million,” he said.
Dalhatu advised that to further reduce rate of fire incidences in the state, the public should also be alert in case of fire eventuality and should acquire modern fire fighting equipments such as fire extinguishers in their environments.
Dalhatu admitted that if some victims of fire infernos across the state had reported in time, more lives and properties would have been saved as fire fighters would reach the venue of the fire incident early enough to quench it before it does much damage.
“Apart from that, people should have the pre-knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting techniques. That will be through workshops and public enlightenment by the fire authorities. Also people should adhere fire safety rules and regulations,” He said.
The Nasarawa Chief Fire Officer then appealed to the state government for more manpower to handle existing stations and to engage its fire fighters in modern training and re-training so that the fire fighters can be capable of managing modern equipments for fire fighting.

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