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Friday, 25 May 2018

Furore over RCCG’s Mandatory Genital Tests for Intending Couples

• Church defends decision, says several cases of impotence springing u
Mary Ekah and Chiemelie Ezeobi
Dated May 10, 2018, the memo read: “Calvary greetings in Jesus’ name. The Mission Authority has observed the recurrence of cases of marital crises resulting from falsehood, especially in the case of undeclared or un-confessed reproductive/genital status.
“We have the directive of the General Overseer to instruct the entire Mission’s outpost that forthwith, pre-marital medical examination for intending couples should also include a genital test.
“Furthermore, provinces are requested to register with particular (trusted) government approved hospitals for the various pre-marital examinations for intending couples.
“Remain blessed in this season of songs and victory in Jesus’ name, amen.”
While some Nigerians commended the initiative, others deemed it an invasion of privacy.
A lifestyle blogger, Diary of a Naija Girl, who claimed to be in the know about the memo, said the church was acting because of so many complaints.
She said: “RCCG has heard many complaints from women as to their husband’s false declaration of sexual prowess and ability.
“Because the church frowns at divorce, women have stayed in their marriages even when their husbands are impotent.
“Because of the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule, some women don’t have any inclination of this so they go ahead and marry then get stuck or simply cheat secretly.
“For this reason, couples’ genitalia will be examined before marriage to be sure they are not basing the marriage on falsehood.”
One Dr. Jummie said: “Membership of a church means submitting to its ordinances and being accountable to them.
“Some members ensure extreme measures to prevent pre-marital sex and their first opportunity to see the ‘real’ is on the wedding night.
“So many deception cases out there. There are indeed wolves who prey on the innocent!
“Therefore having a genital exam protects these members who are trying so hard to honour God with their bodies. I agree!”
Comedian, Wale Gates was of the opinion that the church shouldn’t stop there, saying they should also look into the issue of domestic violence.
He said: “RCCG should also carry out a psychiatric test for intending husbands to identify potential wife beaters.”

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