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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Download Roadpad App on Playstore

An average Nigerian is not new to the word “Traffic”. Of course …we must have faced it at one point in time or the other. And for some of us we face it EVERYDAY. You remember the last time your car broke down and you had to wait for your mechanic who is 10km away to get to you. Or that time when you had to drive slowly only because you were trying to figure out where you can get a fuel station or a hotel or somewhere to eat.Or that annoying day when you had flat tire and you messed up yourself trying to change it or maybe your spare was even bad.

Well there is Good news for you!!!
RoadPal is a friend that would love to ease all these difficulties for you.
RoadPal is a mobile app. As its name implies “Road” “Pal” .. it is a friend to every Road user. You can always get to know where traffic is around you or even share traffic information with other road users. Not only can you share traffic info but you can also get and share incidents like accidents, road robbery,broken down vehicles etc with other road users. You already know what’s coming before you get to it. That way you can either take a different route or prepare for the incident. RoadPal also gives a list of every place that matters to you as you drive. From Mechanics around to Vulcanizers to Car Wash to hospitals.. that emergency will be tackled quickly when you know where to go. RoadPal also gives you a list of nearby eateries, cinemas, malls, supermarket, car spare part shops etc. You can always get what you want at the right time, easily and the Closest one to you.

Download it here 


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