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Saturday, 25 August 2018

“STORY 18+: My Adventure In“Alagboja Village” During My Waec GCE… Part 18

i run outside stop a
okada and ask him to take me to the school am
writting exam on my way going i called the number
bisola gave me to comfirm it her own she picked i
told her it was me that we will speak later, i arrive
the school around 3:42pm the exam have started
as am abt to enter the hall i saw the external
invigilator standing outside the door…Me: good
afternoon sir i greet the external invigilator.Invigila­
tor: how can i help you?Me: i have paper today but
i came late Invigilator: so???Me: pls give me the
question & answer paperInvigilator: are you crazy?
You have exam 3:00pm and you are coming
3:45pm it shows you are not serious Me: pls sir i
was ill this morning so i took some drugs and it
made me slept offinvigilator: you tink you can
confuse me with your cheap lies even if my mama
wey don die appear come beg me i wont allow you
write this paper Me: *haaa this one na mad man
ooo well i dnt even need agric why am i begging
this fool i said to my self*i smile and left him on my
way out the school gate i saw mr.femi the school
invigilator that do fix my papers for me me:
afternoon sirmr.femi: brother you no they write
agric?Me: i explain what happend to him..mr.femi:
na so the man they doMe: pls i want you to help
me fix the paper sir as i sqwuzze N1000 in his
handsmr.femi: hahah badguy you gt mouth jare
you can always count on me lemi rushs inside and
fix your paperMe: thank you smile …on my way
home my phone ring i checked my phone it was
Adeyemi my friend i fell bad because after all he
has done for me i did not call him i picked the
call.Me: brother awfaAdeyemi: na who be your
brother na when you get problem you they
remenber personMe: no be so bro i lost your
number Adeyemi: emgrin cronic liar but all your
ashawo number no comot from your phone chaiMe:
no vex broAdeyemi: no p sha aw you dy aw exams
Me: fine ooo Adeyemi: aw those your bebes
olaogun,bose,sarah?Me: lol those one na pass tense
oooo i don meet one hot chick her name is bisola
she dey ABU ZARIA 300levelAdeyemi: haaa ABU
bebs are dangerous ooo she knw say you they write
waec?Me: lol noo oo i don feed her with lies i tell her
say i wan do my NYSC next year say i dy manage
my pop c filling station.Adeyemi: chai badt guy jst
be carefullyMe: lol i jst wan hit her kitkatAdeyemi:
lol Kittycat suppose don tire youMe: the more i eat
the more hungry i getAdeyemi: lolzzz later tinz
sha…Me: ok na…i got home slept off and woke up
around 8:pm picked my phone to chat i saw
8missed call from Bisola

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