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Saturday, 25 August 2018

“STORY 18+: My Adventure In “Alagboja Village” During My Waec GCE… Part 14

ok ma i have
some shirt and trouser hereAkara woman: ok let me
see them..I brought out my cloths and show
her…Akara woman: i want to buy it for my son how
many them be? and much u wan sell am?Me: 9shirt
5trouser its N15000 maAkara woman: *laufs* i will
pay N200 for each that is N2400Me: *chai cloths
that worth N30,000 i said to myself* pls add
something ma i want to use it for transport to
abujaAkara woman: ok i will pay N400 eachMe: pls
add something ma plsAkara woman: i want to close
are you selling or notMe: bring the money ma….I
was not too sad because i know when i get home i
will get more than 80k from uncle Tosin. she count
N5400 and gave me in N10,N5,N20 domination i
have no choice i colect it i added it with the N2000
with me making N7400 i still need N1600 to make
it N9000 i went to the driver….Me: sir i can only
raise N7400 pls help meDriver: see bros i want to
sleep dont didturb me.Me: pls sir help me..after
beggin for abt 30min he agreed to take me i
brought out the money Driver: do i look like a
begger that you are giving 10 10 10 Naira note to?
You better go and look for change….I run outside
the motor park it was around 12:45am i saw a man
selling recharge card i beg him for change and he
cheerfully exchange for me to N1000 naira note i
run to the driver gave him the money we drive to
abuja i could not sleep in the car on entering Abuja
around 4:30am we encounter a huge traffic in
soldiers checkpoint it was around 6:50am before
we passed chai i was so tired we enter abuja i was
so happy he stopped at a filling station to buy fuel
he asked the filling station attendant to put fuel for
N4000 she did he gave her money as he was about
to start the car she said oga wait wait this money
na fake… We both came out i saw the money
clearly myself it was fake Driver: so you want to
fraud me? Hahahaha You Gave me fake Money?
(mase were eko fuen *i wl do lagos madness for
you*) he shout every body come ooo come and see
one ritaulist here oooochai am in big trouble

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