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Sunday, 26 August 2018

STORY 18+: My Adventure In “ Alagboja Village ” During My Waec GCE ‘Season 2…

Story continues sorry for the suspense just hustling so hard don’t even have much time for myself ..everyday people all over the world WhatsApp me to continue the story thanks to y’all for your love….
Around 1am bisola knocked my door
Me: come in
She was wearing a hot short skirt holding a
white lylon bag
She sat down on my bed she brought out a
lacasera juice from her bag and handed it
over to me I open it I notice it was already
loose before but I was so sure bisola can not
harm me I drank it abt 3min later I started
dosing off I did not no what abt the next
thing is I woke up again I checked the time it
was 10pm haaa it was like a dream the next
thing that came to my mind was my £1200
my uncle gave me I checked where I hide it I
could not see it chai I self fainted for a
minute…. I stood up scattered the whole room but I could not find my £1200 I tried to call bisola but her phone was switched off… I run to her shop it was lock chai I nearly Run Mad i went back to my room and cried for hours around 7pm my phone rings it was a private number I picked the call it was bisola …..
Bisola: so you think you can use and dump girls the way you like
Me: pls where is my £1200
Bisola: *laufs*
Me: pls am begging you in the name of God
Bisola: do you know God?
Me: pls bisola
Bisola: have just started with you idiot ,
she hang up the phone…..
To Be Continued…

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