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Thursday, 23 August 2018

“STORY 18+: My Adventure in “Alagboja Village” During My Waec GCE… Part 6

she said yes..
Olaogun father : my Daughter say na you
disvirgin her?
Me: *voice shaking* it a mistake sir.. He wayer
me hot slap na him i see myself inside womb
Olaogun father: Yes or No
Me: Yes sir
Olaogun father: you are in Big Trouble
Me: it a mistake sir pls i kneel down amd beg
Olaogun Father: i dnt blame you i blame this
stupid gurl
Me: Pls sir am sorry
Olaogun Father: i dnt have a male son and
anyone that disvirgin my daughter their are
two things invovle
Me: *sence trouble instantly* wat sir “crying”
Olaogun father: our tradition here anybody
that disvirgin the cheif preist first daughter
will wear Alagboja Masqurade cloth before
7days and dance with it Round the village
Me: chai, crying bitterly i said in my mind *see
wat toto has don to me nw i go dy dance
shoki inside masqurade cloth*
Olaogun Father: what is chai?
Me: nothing sir
Olaogun father: Second if she get pregnant
you will be the next cheif priest because i dnt
have a male son and dont think you can run
away “Sango lacasa aye” & “ogun oba erin”
will locate you in less than 20sec
Me: *crying* me wey wan become
meachanical engineer nw go be babalawo
engineer .. I beg him pls sir am sorry forgive
me … Olaogun and her father left i was so sad
and worried i could not eat my bread and
suya i could not sleep i called Adeyemi
Me: hello bro
Adeyemi: emgrin aw ur Joystick
Me: bro dis not time for joke olaogun dad
came he found out i disvirgin his daughter
and said i must wear “Alagboja masqurade”
cloth and dance round the village 3times
before 7days
Adeyemi: hmmm you are in Big Trouble
Me: bro i want to run tommorow
Adeyemi: Dont even try it you will die on the
Me: haaa *scared* what should i do?
Adeyemi: just obey…. Menh i was down i did
not sleep. the next morning Sarah came and
was angry she heard what happen i lie to her
that Olaogun seduce me i scope her i was
blessed with sweet mouth since i was a kid
she belife me she seduce me to S£x her bt
what was on my mind is bigger than zuma
rock i jst use style to lie to her and she left i
was confused, later the day, hungry Molest and
scatter my life on my way out to use my last
card N100 to buy bread i saw olaogun with
three huge men i try to douge her but it was
too late she told me her father want to see
me now .. We went to their house her mum
serve me food i eat am with shame ..hunger
can kill. Later her dad call me into his
babalawo hunt and said they have fix a date
for the alagboja masqurade day my heart
shake, i asked when he said Tuesday chai the
day am writting physic my life don they
scatter i told him menh before i no he wayer
me another hot slap e con be like say i dy
inside my
mama womb the next thing i see was a
hunters Gun pointing on my head


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