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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

STORY 18+: My Adventure In “ Alagboja Village ” During My Waec GCE ‘Season 2 part 2

I was confuse “”what am I going to do should I report to the vigilante? I keep talking to myself if I report they will start questioning me was my relationship with her and how I got the money I wondered on what to do I started getting Angry with myself them use S£x do me all my problems comes from this. I felt frustrated I felt like dieing, I remembered my friend who gave me charms to cure Okokan I called him his phone was off I went through his fb account he hasn’t been online for a while. I saw a pictured he was tagged in it was his closet junior brother Adewale I inbox him for his phone number… About 8hours later he replied with his number
Me: Hello how far na me Emgrin
Adewale : menh na WA ooo long tym
Me: so bro!!! Abeg what of your senior brother
Adewale :hmmmm
Me: what na
Adewale :it’s been over 3weeks I saw him
Me: haaa what happened
Adewale : he ask my dad for preparation of money ritual charm Dad refuse to tell him so he stole Dad Book of Charms And Ran Away
ME: haaa na WA ooo pls u know how I can reach him?
Adewale: No at all what’s wrong you are sounding worried
ME: don’t worry am fine Thanks
Adewale : OK but I may be of help to you
Me: hmmm.. I explained to him
He offered to help and said I should call me back
To Be Continued…

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