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Friday, 24 August 2018

“STORY 18+: My Adventure In “Alagboja Village” During My Waec GCE… Part 12

you who? It me
Opeyemi *hmmm what is this girl looking for i said
to myself* Enteropeyemi: hello brosMe: am fine how
did you know my house?Opeyemi: i followed youMe:
hmmm ok what can i do for you?Opeyemi: i want to
say am sorry for what happen yesterdayMe: you are
very heartless after i beg you that am tired you still
insist Opeyemi: is not like that i have not had S£x
for 4years the moan of olaogun made me so horny
that i cant control myself am sorryMe: ok no
problem have forgiven youOpeyemi: are you sure?
Me: yes Opeyemi: thank you when should i come to
greet you againMe: anytime you like Opeyemi:
thank you bye ……..She turn back and work
towards the door i look at her Buttocks she was really
endowed ..some minute later after she left i recived
a call from my Dad around 6:30pm.Dad: how are
youMe: am fine sir Dad: your uncle Tosin just
returned from Europe and he said he really want to
see you, can you come to abuja today and go back
early morning tomorowMe: wow yes sir i wl
comeDad: ok we will be waiting for youMe: ok sir
bye sirDad: bye…i was so happy because uncle
tosin have promise to buy me New Laptop the last
time we speak on phone… I pack my stuffs inside
my bag, lock my door and padlock it. When i get
outside i saw opeyemi working towards my house
gate i turn am face and walk faster she shout bros
bros bros i did not answer her she ran and folow
me and she shout (boda elegun) bros masqurade
people notices us i turn back and wait for
her…Opeyemi: whr are you going? Me: i want to go
back to abuja i wl be bak tomorow morning
Opeyemi: pls i want to show you somethingMe:
what? show me?Opeyemi: i cant show you here let
go to your room Me: that will be tomorow….She
hold my hand and beg me ..i notice people whr
looking at us *if i shun this girl problem go dey i
said to myself* Me: ok let go but make it
fastOpeyemi: ok i wl … We walk to my room i
brought out the key from my pocket and open the
door ..we enteredMe: ok what do you want to show
me Opeyemi: i enjoy what happen yesterday i just
want to tell you thank you Me: chai are you mad?
Opeyemi: no…she move toward me and hug me
tight put my two hands on her Buttocks as she kissed
me passionatly she jump on me as she continue
kissing me my Joystick was raising …i remember i have
to get to abuja to meet uncle tosin and collect what
he brought for me… I drop her downMe: i can only
go 1round with you i have to go back to abuja
todayOpeyemi: no problem pls …She push me on
the bed remove my trouser remove her skirt and
pant and sat on my Joystick with her big Buttocks she dig
up and down and morn i remove her shirt her
Bosom pop out she was not wearing bra i smoch her
bobos as she ride on my Joystick fast and morn…I dnt
want to look like a lazy man i push her dowm turn
her Buttocks i put her Bosom facing the ground i ask her
to knell to hav direct acess…someone just entered
my room i was shocked i raise my head up it was
olaogun chai i forget to lock my door *am in trouble
i said to myself*

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