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Friday, 24 August 2018

“STORY 18+: My Adventure in “Alagboja Village” During My Waec GCE… Part 10

i said in low
voice too, come in…Olaogun: i just want to know
wether you are doing fineMe: am fine dear how are
youOlaogun: am good i just miss you.. Let me be
goingMe: shey you said you miss me?Olaogun:
yesMe: come and give me a kissOlaogun: *lauf* if
we start it may lead to something else bye.. I
looked her with a sad face she jump on the mat i
was sitting on she kiss me and wanting to Go i
draw her back lay her flat on the mat i claim on her
we french kiss i raise the short skirt she was
wearing shift her pant one side so i can have direct
acess to her usb unit *lol* i put my Joystick in her
Kittycat she morn in enjoyment i Fork hard and
harder she morn louder i use my hand to cover her
mouth as i Fork hard and harder i was enjoying it
like have never Forked before i bang her for about
25min then i release..
I turn her Buttocks move her pant i insert my Joystick in her
Buttocks i Forked gentle she morn i start banging harder
she morn louder as i was sexing her all my brain is
gone i don even forget say i they her father house
babalawo for that matter, after 20min of Buttocks
Bleeping i release in her Buttocks i was tired she move her
face down to my Joystick O.M.G i was suprise when she
start giving me Mouthaction i was enjoying it i have not
had Mouthaction for 2years i morn loud and louder in
enjoyment. suddenly someone just pop in chai my
heart beat fast and faster when i look at her face it
was their house gurl olaogun said Opeyemi pls dnt
tell anybody….Me: opeyemi pls dnt tell anybody
*almost in tears*Opeyemi: i have been watching
you people for the past 1hour your mourn and
groan wake me up i wont tell anybody on one
conditionMe: what?Olaogun: What?Opeyemi: you
will also S£x meOlaogun: are you mad? You want
my boyfreind to sleep with you because you caught
us making love?
Opeyemi: you people have kept me in this house
for 4years since my mum die you dont allow me to
go out am also a woman and i no be stone do you
agree or i will shout now and tell everybodyMe: pls
we will do it tommorow am tired now Opeyemi: you
are not serious …she turn towards the door about
to shoutMe: ok come pls olaogun excuse
usOlaogun: *hissed* i will deal with you opeyemi..
She left and close the doorMe: opeyemi
plsOpeyemi: you just lay down i will do the
banging …then i know she is really hungry for
Joystick ..i lay down as she sit her huge Buttocks on my Joystick
moving up and down it was not up to 6min i
ejaculate in her Buttocks, she said she was not satisfy
she Forked me i nearly lost my life i loss count of
how many time i ejaculate.Me: pls stop i will
dieOpeyemi: i have not had S£x for 4years i need to
do it now that i have the oppurtunity… as she bang
me harder i was weak then i pretend like i cant
breath well she was scared she wear her cloth and
run out i check the time it was 5:35am so have
Forked for 4hours 35min i said to myself. i slept off
Suddenly someone tap me i look at the person face
it was olaogun father’s guard i was scared my heart
fail so after all what opeyemi did to me she still
went and report me i said to myself …the man said
it time the cheif preist is calling you then i
remember it alagboja masqurade day S£x don
make me forget..i manage to stand up when i get
to the cheif preist hunt i saw ”Alagboja masqurade”
sitting down Olagun Father: i sence something
strange in youLet me see your left palm ..i strench
my left hand foward to him ..he look at me and said
i need to be cleans againMe: sir i cant bath cold
river water this early morningOlaogun father: we
cant go to the river this morning Alagboja
masqurade will flog you 66time with broom for
cleansingMe: pls sir let go to the river i like cold
waterOlaogun father: *laufs* guards bring broom
for Alagboja Masqurade and come and hold this
man for me


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