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The No.1 Infotainment blog

The No.1 Infotainment blog

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Unik Brodaz (@unikbrodaz) Set To Premier Yet Another Single #AmedoReady

AmedoReady?? to give your life to Christ?
AmedoReady?? to jump and pass your enemy?
AmedoReady?? to achieve your goals?
AmedoReady?? for that marriage your looking for?
AmedoReady?? to dance and forget your sorrow?
AmedoReady?? for the children your looking for?
Are you ready for another monstre hit from Unik Brodaz ?
If you are ready put on your dancing shoes......

Get ready as AMEDO READY ?? Blast every speakers!!!!
Dropping on the 24th of August,2018 # Anticipate

# Fresh from the kitchen....
# TeamKinuRecords
KinuRecords Record Label issa goal.

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